Rod Williams has published poetry, short stories, essays, and music
reviews over the past twenty years. In October 2014 he completed his
first novel,
An Americana Singer for the Twenty-First Century.
Williams has been a member of numerous writing groups, most recently
Unknown Writers of the Antelope Valley and Professional
Writers of Prescott
(Arizona). He was the co-editor of an annual
anthology featuring local authors of the Antelope Valley and is Past
President of the
Southern California Library Literary Network and
Write Often, Read Daily Antelope Valley. Williams taught creative
writing workshops for adult literacy programs, a nonprofit mental health
agency and the
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.  He has lived in
New York, Colorado, Germany, Florida, California, and Arizona,
currently lives with his wife Darcie in Eugene, Oregon.
6th Annual Northern Writes
October 8, 2017, 7 pm @ The Federal
"Rod Williams bursts on the writing scene with a wonderful piece of
work.  I enjoyed the poetry-infused prose, the generous peppering of
humor throughout…Williams’ powerful words set a breezy mood and
create lasting impressions.”  
Margaret Priddy “Williams’…Humor and
observations of life abound.  Williams’ writing style is unique and
Terry Cornell “I read your short stories in two days,
which is a record for me.…a wide range of characters, each of them
compelling and thoroughly relatable. This was a marvel of good
Neil Merino
Rod Williams
* Rod Williams *
Robert Walton
Robert Walton is a life-long rock-climber and mountaineer who has
made numerous ascents in the Sierra Nevada and Yosemite. Much of
his writing reflects his time in the mountains, most notably, three short
stories about climbing were published in the Sierra Club’s
Walton’s stories and poems have also appeared in
High, Loose Scree
The Climbing Art.  His story, Three’s a Crowd, was broadcast as a
radio play on
KUSF on November 22, 2006, and was later rebroadcast
PBS. Walton has won the 2008 Saturday Writers short story
contest, the
2011 New Millennium short fiction competition and the
2012 CCW short story contest.  Walton’s Civil War historical novel,
Dawn Drums, was published to coincide with the sesquicentennial of the
events it depicts, he is also the author of four children’s books, Chaos
Gate, Joel in Tananar, Flower Tumbles and The Dragon and the
Lemon Tree.  He blogs about writing, the Civil War and mountaineering
Chaos Gate.
* Robert Walton *
"Robert Walton's narrative offers an utterly unique and riveting
view…combining real-life characters with fictional ones is brilliant and
was superbly accomplished, enabling the author to include…important
information often lacking in history books. Doing so also personalizes the
historical characters, giving the author the opportunity to delve into the
personalities and personal lives of these people.”
“With grace and respect the author introduces us to remarkable
characters. The journey these characters take is long and dark, touching
the very core of mankind."  
MidWest Book Review “…the journey that
Walton’s storytellers take you on is like taking a new and delightful path
to the grocery store you have been to so many times before. This was a
marvel of good storytelling."  
King City Rustler  "Robert Walton has
written a story — no, many stories — about the reality of…historical
characters…appropriate to their personalities as we know them…It
shows the hardships and the courage of men and women of all ages and
 Song of the San Joaquin Literary Journal