Deborah Willis' first book, Vanishing and Other Stories, was
nominated for the
Governor General’s Award, named one of the
Globe and Mail’s top 100 books of the year
, and recommended by
as one of the best books of 2010. She was the 2012–13 Calgary
Distinguished Writers Program
writer-in-residence at the University
of Calgary in Alberta. Willis’
stories have appeared in the Virginia
Quarterly Review
, the Iowa Review and Zoetrope, among others.  
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The Dark and Other Love Stories
March 12, 2017, 7 pm @ The Federal Bar
"The emotional range and depth of [Willis’ stories], the clarity and
deftness, are astonishing."
Alice Munro  "The Dark and Other Love
is an exhilarating book—funny and fearless, empathetic and
Deborah Willis is a dazzlingly smart and strikingly original
writer. I didn’t want this book to end."
Molly Antopol  “These poignant,
sharply observed stories examine love in its many guises. A marvelous
Kirstin Valdez Quade  “Willis is an immensely talented
writer, and her new collection is a thing of beauty: sometimes
heartbreaking, sometimes funny, always sharply observed, elegant and
Emily St. John Mandel “A bright, adventurous and lively
Deborah Willis seems to be able to go anywhere and do
anything, taking the reader from the Ukraine to Mars. Beautifully told
and strangely moving, these stories made the world seem like a slightly
different and much more interesting place after I had read them.”  
Kevin Canty  “The Dark and Other Love Stories is a kaleidoscopic,
dazzling meditation on the switchback nature of love.
Deborah Willis
examines every side of love, dark and light, past and present, with
precision, fierceness, honesty, and sensitivity. Who do we choose to
love, and who do we choose to leave behind? That question haunts the
thirteen stories of this magnificent collection. Every story is ultimately a
love story, Willis reminds us, even and especially the strange,
wondrous stories of our own lives.”  
Marjorie Celona
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Deborah Willis c Darshan Stevens
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