Emily Hunt is a Los Angeles writer born in San Francisco,
driven mad in Santa Barbara and educated in Paris.  She is the
author of the poetry chapbook
John Travolta Considers His
Odds on Whitehorse & Slaughter
. Hunt Kivel’s fiction, poetry,
and critical work appear in
Midnight Breakfast, Harlequin
Creature, Artillery Magazine, The Nervous Breakdown,
Flaunt Magazine, Cinema Thread
and World Literature
. A nominee for the Kirkwood Prize in fiction at UCLA,
she has held positions at
Los Angeles Review of Books,
Phoneme Media, Robb Report, StudySync
and others.  Hunt
is a devout vegan and a regular contributor to VegNews
, with links to her fiction, food coverage, critical,
journalistic, and translation work at
Little Swimmer
January 8, 2017, 7 pm @ The Federal Bar
[Hunt] has succeeded in giving us a disturbed portrait of
modern life, with a sympathetic eye, and devilish wit."
Angel City
 "…Emily Hunt has leapt out and grabbed me."  Craig
 " I read a story…by Emily Hunt Kivel before I
actually met her, and assumed that she was an established and
probably well-published writer.  I was shocked to learn that
someone so young could write with that kind of wisdom and
grace.  She’s a natural, evocative writer and she will be well-
Lou Mathews
* Emily Hunt Kivel *
Emily Hunt Kivel