Grant Farley, born in North Hollywood, is an award winning
short story writer whose work exploring the twisted
psychological and physical landscape of L.A. has appeared in a
unique array of publications including
West/Word, Black Denim, West Coast Writers Conspiracy,
Silk Road, Jersey Devil, Spectrum
and 52250.  His writing
has been shared and honed at a number of conferences and
events, such as
Squaw Valley, Iowa Summer, SCBWI,
Central Coast W.C., Atwater Wordspace, Oregon Coast
Children’s W.C., Southern California W.C.
, the Los
Angeles Times Festival of Books
and the Los Angeles
County Museum of Art.  Farley
is pedigreed in English from
U.C. Santa Barbara with an M.A. in Rhetoric and extensive
work in the
U.C.L.A. Writer’s Program. He has further served
a lifelong apprenticeship under the master, Jerry Hannah, and
the other wise souls in the
Asilomar crew.  While working and
raising a family, seldom more than a walk away from some
Farley has taught for thirty-four years, beginning at a
Santa Monica alternative school, onto Wilmington and finally
the San Pedro Marine Science Magnet, where he finished his
last twenty years integrating A.P. writing and literature into a
marine science curriculum.  He is the director of the
Writer’s Retreat
in Carpinteria and works at the Pt. Fermin
Lighthouse as a gardener/docent/event maniac.  
Farley is
currently pounding out his latest novel,
Bones of a Saint, and
his short story collection,
LAmental, from an alcove
overlooking L.A. Harbor, where he jostles for writing space with
his son, and shares their small house with his wife Tobey and
their raucous dogs.
February 12, 2017, 7 pm @ The Federal Bar
"Grant Farley has the talent for writing quiet stories in elegant
prose that leave you gasping as he twists the knife when you
least expect it.”  
Sheila Finch  “Grant Farley’s prose operates
at a consistently high level, his descriptions often more cogent
than a photograph.”
Kendall Evans  “Grant Farley, one of the
most talented and creative writers I know, deftly combines
suspense with poignant insights into the human soul.  He is a
must read.”
David Putnam
Grant Farley
* Grant Farley *