Melody Mansfield's first novel, The Life Stone of Singing
, was published by Faber and Faber, Inc. in 1996, and her
short story collection,
A Bug Collection, was published by Red
Hen Press in 2013.  In between, her short fiction, essays, and
poetry have found homes in a number of print and online
journals including
Parents Magazine, Inside English,
Thought Magazine
and Persimmon Tree.  Mansfield is the
Director of Creative Writing at a private Los Angeles high school
and is currently working on her sixth novel, the opening of which
was awarded the
Sue Alexander Grant.
The Woman Who Would Not Die and other stories
September 10, 2017, 7 pm @ The Federal
“By turns horrifying and beautiful…amply partakes of that
vividness, intertwining love and violence in its own distinctively
magical brand of magic realism."
The New York Times Book
"…celebrates life in all its joy, pain, and messiness."  
Booklist  “Masterfully written in a poetic style that calls to mind
the genius of Garcia Marquez …takes us on a symphony of life,
complete with ballads, fugues, reveries, toccatas, interludes,
Santa Barbara Review
* Melody Mansfield *
Melody Mansfield